Some of my projects

Are you curious about what I do in my real life? Would you like to follow my projects and stay informed about any new improvement? In this section you are going to find every information about my past and actual projects.

Bluetooth car/home locker

Would you like to have a single and universal key for your home, car or garage? Why don't you your your smartphone as a universal key? In this project I will explane you how is possible to realize a bluetooth arduino locking/unlocking unit that you can control with your smartphone.


IOT: lowcost home automation with Raspberry Pi

Would you like to control your home from the palm of your hand? I will help you to realize a full featured home automation with a Raspberry Pi able to monitor and control all the lights, air conditioners and any other home device you would like to remotely control via web even when you are not phisically at home.


Arduino: High speed photography

High-speed photography is a really interesting stuff but can also be pretty complicated and expensive if we want to buy a professional trigger trap. In this project we will see how is possible to build a professional and reliable trigger trap with Arduino just spending a few Euros.