6 Techniques to get high PR backlinks


I know there are lots of people who failed to keep sight of achieving their target and this also happened to me a few years ago. Every blogger wants to obtain higher reputation from Google search engine, but this is not easy if you do not prepare and apply the right SEO strategies.

Many people think that just publishing good contents will automatically raise your online popularity and reputation, while this was true many and many years ago, it's not how things work nowaday.

What we are going to see together in this article are just a few simple but effective techniques that you can try on your blog giving you some real results in a short time.


  1. Find blogs with "CommentLuv" features
  2. Create and properly fill your personal Google+ profile
  3. Use Feever to get some links
  4. Buy Expired domains with good PR
  5. Write for other well-known Blogs
  6. Use Google Trends to find the right argument for your next article

Do you know any other useful technique that you may want to suggest ? Feel free to comment! I'll be happy to include any valuable suggestion to this article.

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