A little about Me

My name is Paolo Porqueddu. I am an italian IT professional originary from Sardinia, living and working in Turin. Over the course of 19 years in the IT industry I had the opportunity of expertize in many different fields such as web design, software development, technical assistance as well as satellite telecommunication.
I now work as a Technical Operation Engineer for one of the major european Satellite brodcasting companies with it's NOC in Turin.

Hobbies & Interests

Most of my hobbies and interestes are related to my professional activities, I\ve always been interested in electronics, computer programming and photography since i was a child. Growing up I had the opportunity of being in contact with professional photographer raising my interest in the field.

I practiced sports since my childhood, my first one was Basket, fora couple of years. Living in a seaside town (Porto Torres) I have been attracted by water sports, with particular interest for Kayak experimenting and practicing different variants (sea kayak, river kayak and team sports like polo kayak) for almost 7 years.

Mechanics and cars in general is another field where I always have been interested in, merging my interest for combustion engines with electronics, learning ECUs logics, creating ad-hoc ECU maps and studying it's behaviour once applied to the car.

Where I have been during the last 19 years

Turin (Italy)

Moved to Turin on early 2012 where i started to work for Eutelsat Broadband, one of the world's leading satellite operators with capacity commercialised on 34 satellites serving users in 150 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Porto Torres (Italy)

My hometown, where i grow up, developed my interest in electronics and technologies, and started working firs as IT technician then as DevOps Engineer and CTO achieving an high degree of expertise.

New York, NY (U.S.A.)

I have been in New York for my fisrt time in 2004 on vacation, between 2006 and 2007 i've studied and worked there as a developer. Back again in 2009 mostly for conferences, business affairs and leisure, socializing with the Sardinian Society in NYC Metropolitan Area "Shardana USA".

Tampa, FL (U.S.A.)

Have been in Tampa many times, mostly for conferences and business affairs. In Tampa I incorporated my first United States Venture (Neworld Trade Company LLC).

A bit more of my experience and education

Gennaio 2019 – Attuale

Consulente Informatico Forense (CTP)

Libera professione
Ottobre 2017 – Attuale

Senior Mobility Operations Engineer

ViaSat Inc.
Aprile 2016 – Ottobre 2017

International Project Manager

Vertech France
Marzo 2012 – Aprile 2016

Technical Operations Engineer

Eutelsat Broadband
Ottobre 2009 – Gennaio 2012

Consulente tecnico / Co-Fondatore

Neworld Trade Company LLC
Giugno 2011 – Settembre 2011

Responsabile di agenzia marittima

Sa.Re.Mar. / Rory S.r.l.
Marzo 2009 – Settembre 2009

Technical Customer Care Manager – Grimaldi Lines

MEC Shipping s.a.s.
Aprile 2007 – Luglio 2009

Field Support Engineer

Anacapa Holdings, Ltd
Gennaio 2003 – Marzo 2009

Responsabile tecnico e Sviluppatore Senior

Spedizioni & Servizi Forwarding Agency
Settembre 2006 – Febbraio 2007

Tirocinio estero - Sviluppo PHP

Symbio Technologies LLC - USA
Marzo 2006 - Giugno 2006

Insegnante - Contratto di collaborazione occasionale

Liceo Scientifico "Europa Unita" - Porto Torres
Settembre 2005 - Agosto 2008

Sviluppatore soluzioni Web

Collaborazione professionale con Neworld Inc.


Rennert Bilingual

Skills and Competencies

Programming & Application Development

Visual Basic
C Language
NoSQL databases
Shell Scripting

Management Skills

ITIL Best practices
"Six Sigma"
Project Management
Team Management

Technical Skills

Sistemi Unix
MS Windows
Mac OS X
Digital Video Broadcasting S2
Voice Over IP
Skyline Dataminer - Operations
Skyline Dataminer - Administration
LAMP Stack

Software & Tools knowledge

BMC ProactiveNet
BMC Remedy
Microsoft Visio
Puppet Enterprise
Atlassian Jira
Atlassian Confluence
Apache Subversion

Operative Systems Knowledge